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The differences between coaching and psychotherapy

Stepmother Coaching does not focus on “why” we experience problems. The emphasis is on “what” we can do about them to be happier.  Instead of analyzing the past as psychotherapy does, coaching focuses on improving the future by finding solutions to current problems. Coaching is well-suited to people who like to take responsibility for their lives, people who prefer to implement positive changes to their lives after they receive guidance from coaching or some other form of education. Most importantly, coaching does not treat clinical disorders such as anxiety, depression, addiction and phobias. Generally, coaching is a short term commitment, a few weeks to six months depending upon the extent and number of changes you seek to make. Unfortunately, the cost of coaching is never covered by insurance.
Common features of both psychotherapy and coachingCoaching and psychotherapy do share certain common features. Both help people understand how their cognitive and emotional reactions can interfere with their happiness, effectiveness, and relationships. Both strive to bring about behavioral change through the collaboration of a skilled practitioner and a client. Both may share similar philosophies of human nature and relationships.