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Welcome to the Steps for Stepmothers Posting Board. These community guidelines are intended to keep Steps for Stepmothers a welcome, supportive, and safe environment for all members; a place to vent as well as to ask for and receive advice and understanding. We are confident we can accomplish this if everyone follows these simple rules of conduct.

When responding to a message from another stepmother, please be respectful and compassionate. Remember, that many stepmothers are sensitive and vulnerable as a result of the difficulties they face, and can be easily hurt if messages are judgmental. Keep in mind that it is easier to misinterpret online messages than when speaking to each other in person since verbal and nonverbal cues are missing. To avoid having anyone feel judged or criticized, please, consider what you write before posting a message. Try to avoid the word, ‘should’ in your reply.

Slurs, stereotyping, and hate speech are not tolerated. Posters who violate this policy will be blocked.
Please do not personally attack or gang up on others.

Do not ask other members for help in the form of money, gifts, donations, or purchasing products.

The Steps for Stepmothers posting board is to be exclusively used for stepmothers to provide each other with support and encouragement. No advertising, promotions, marketing, or any other solicitation is permitted unless written consent is obtained from Rachelle Katz at rachellek@att.net. Forms of advertising and other solicitations include:
• Promoting another book, website, blog, or other endeavor
• Work-at-home businesses
• Products that you are selling (personal or professional)
• Job opportunities
• Charities and charitable causes
• Promoting your entry in a contest

Don’t share your user name and password with anyone else; we don’t want anyone else assuming your identity on the posting board.

Don’t share personal information, such as email addresses and phone numbers, with any other community members unless you are confident you can trust them. We always need to be cautious about whom we talk to, and trust.

Help keep Step for Stepmothers orderly by reporting any problems on the site by contacting Rachelle Katz at rachellek@att.net. If you think you found an “imposter” or suspect a member is not legitimate, contact us and we will investigate immediately.

Don’t do anything criminal or illegal on Steps for Stepmothers or encourage anyone else to do so. Any postings that we reasonably believe or suspect are criminal or illegal in nature will be removed and any conduct that we suspect is illegal or which poses a threat of illegal activity will be reported to the appropriate authorities. We will cooperate with authorities to prosecute anyone who breaks the law while using our site. Do not link to sites containing criminal or illegal activity.

Steps for Stepmother Responsibilities
We cannot look at every comment posted on Steps for Stepmothers nor can we guarantee the integrity of every member on the site. But, if we catch something that we believe violates our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service, we will immediately review the situation and take appropriate action when necessary.
We have the right to remove postings, or block members who violate our guidelines.

User Responsibilities as a member of the Steps for Stepmothers community
By following these community guidelines, you will be doing your part to make Steps for Stepmothers a haven for all stepmothers. We want you to support and encourage each other in one of the most challenging roles in the world. Thank you for your participation in this important task.