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Lingo used on the Steps for Stepmother’s Posting Board

BM = biological mother or birth mom
DH = dear husband, darling husband, d**k head (if it's a bad day)
SS(age) = step son (age of child)
SD(age) = step daughter (age of child)
GM = grandmother
GF = grandfather or girlfriend (depending on context)
SM = stepmother
SF = stepfather/second father
BF = biological father or boyfriend depending on context
DD/BD = darling daughter/biological daughter
DS/BS = darling son/ biological son
skid/skids = stepkid or stepkids
MIL = mother-in-law
FIL = father-in-law
SIL = sister-in-law
BIL = brother-in-law
F in front of any abbreviation = future ( FDH = future dear husband)
X in front of any abbreviation = ex/former (XDH = ex-husband)
FX in combo = future ex (FXDH = future ex-husband)
T = therapist
C = counselor
GFS = guilty father syndrome
PAS = parental alienation syndrome
N/S = non-step, an off-topic conversation or question
MOTY = mother of the Year
KWIM = know what I mean
NMKNMP = not my kid, not my problem